The project aims to create and propose, as a community, an open source hearing aid system (software and hardware) with the idea of giving the control back to its user and help him in everyday life situations that he may encounter.


The project is at the moment in its earliest phase and is under heavily discussions and definition. If you want, feel free to join the discussion to give your point of view. The short terms goals are the following:

  • overview of the features of the hearing system
  • complete definition of algorithms to develop
  • data structure/architecture of the code

What the project needs

Basically, any type of help is welcome. Of course, the most direct needs are the following for a close future:

  • developpers (python, C/C++)
  • signal processing afficionados

Nevertheless, if you want to participate to the project, don't be scared, we'll always find a place for you.


The features are under discussion, feel free to join the discussion.

  • detection of the hearing aid impairement (audiogram, other, ...) [not implemented]
  • beamforming [not implemented]
  • assisted user calibration [not implemented]
  • acoustic sensing/machine learning [not implemented]
  • ...


The project uses for the software the license GNU GPLv2.